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Congress in the late 1930s

Congress in the late 1930s • Between the years 1931 and 193 5, Nehru spent a lot of his time in prison for disobeying orders…

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The Government of India Act, 1935

The result of the Round Table Conferences was the Government of India Act in 1935. For the first time Indians played a significant part in…

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The Round Table Conferences

The Round Table Conferences were held in the British capital of London from 1930 to 1932. They included representatives of nearly all the British political…

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Gandhi’s Second Satyagraha Campaign

Gandhi’s second satyagraha campaign began in 1930 when he decided to organise a ‘March to the Sea’ to make salt. The Salt March • During…

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The Simon Commission

In 1927 the Simon Commission was appointed to review the workings of the Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms. It recommended responsible government for the provinces and a federal…

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How much progress was made by Indian nationalists, 1927-39?

A time line of events showing How much progress was made by Indian nationalists, 1927-39. 1927 – The Simon Commission. The Commission was appointed to…

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