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Moroccan Crisis Power Point

A brief power point on the Moroccan Crisisof 1905-06 click link to download/view     Posted for History by student notes admin

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The Weimar republic under Gustav Stresemann

THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC UNDER GUSTAV STRESEMANN Stresemann was Chancellor in 1923 only. His main role was as Foreign Minister from 1924 He was a right-winger…

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The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles radically altered the Geography of Europe. The Treaty had clauses that resulted in areas of land being taken from Germany. The…

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Growth of the german economy

As Germany moved into the 20th century, new policy corresponding to the realities of an expanding industrial society was carried out. This led to increase…

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Effects of world war 1 on the German people

Effects of WW1 on the German people.. (The home front) The cost of the war on Germany was 1,773,700 dead and 16% of those were…

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Unification of Germany Summary

In 1862, Bismarck reorganized the Prussian army and improved training in preparation for war. In 1864, he constructed an alliance with Austria to fight Denmark…

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