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The Young Plan 1929

The Young Plan 1929 The Dawes Plan had attempted to deal with the massive inflation and large-scale unemployment in Germany that had been caused by…

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The Dawes Plan notes

The French invasion of the Ruhr had not led to Germany paying its reparations.  In November 1923, France was forced to agree to take part…

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Weimar Republic power point

A power point on the weimar republic, and another power point on the same subject both are useful sources. weimar republic ppt2 click to download or…

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The golden years for Germany power point

This is a power point on the the golden age of Germany1924-1929 when Gustav Stresemann made significant improvements to Germany. Click on link to download/view power point…

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Bismarck power point

This is a a power point about Otto Von Bismarck, the man that lead the unification of germant and created the north German conferderation. click…

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Bismarck’s quotes video

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