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Tesco’s Aims and Objectives

    Tesco’s aims What is an Aim?  A business aim a long term goal set by a business, there is no specific time period….

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Sources Of Finance Power Point

This is a power point on Sources of Finance Click link to view or Download

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Sources of Finance

Type of business Possible source of finance Key issues for consideration Sole trader Owner’s savings, banks, suppliers government loans and grants. Security for those lending…

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Franco-Prussian War 1870

Franco-Prussian War 1870 In 1870 the Spanish crown was offered to Prince Leopold – a Prussian. The French were alarmed. Kaiser Wilhelm refused to renounce…

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Austro-Prussia War 1866

Austro-Prussia War 1866 Bismarck manufactures a war with Austria over Schleswig-Holstein. The Austrians were resoundingly defeated at Konigggratz. Resisting the temptation to humiliate the Austrians…

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The German Confederation

A power point on the German Confederation and How the German Confederation was altered by the development of the Zollverein. Click link to download/view

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