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Practice Exam Question, A Level History

‘The Final Solution evolved because of the chaotic nature of the Nazi Regime in the years 1939–42.’ How far do you agree with this opinion?…

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Nazi Germany A Very Simple Overview

—1933-34 Gleichschaltung —Co-ordination of all aspects of society and state to conform with Nazi ideology and Hitler’s Weltanschauung. Germany transformed to achieve the Nazi ‘Volksgemeinschaft’…

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The Second World War – Key Events

The Second World War – Key Events —War started September 3rd 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. —Spring1940 Germany invades most of Western Europe using Blitzkrieg…

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Fresh and Easy

  Risk taking is a big part of business, most enterprising people will have taken risk and been faced with failure, the important part of…

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Youth and Education Social Policy under the Nazis

Social Policy under the Nazis  Youth and Education. Nazis wanted to control young people and sure their support for the future.  They did this by…

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Did the Nazis improve the economy for Germany?

Did the Nazis produce an economic miracle for Germany? Hitler needed a strong economy to retain popular support and to underpin his rearmament plans. The…

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