Is Tesco meeting their aims and objectives?

by Ben Alford

Is Tesco meeting their aims and objectives?

To grow the UK core

In 2007 there were 1,500 Tesco stores in the UK by 2011 there are 2,715 (2011 being the most up to date store count I could find) this shows Tesco is achieving the key aims it sets out and this is helping Tesco become a success the more stores they have the more people they can reach. This allows the business to grow.

“We’ve opened over 200 new stores in 2010/11 and have a strong opening programme for the coming year.”


To be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online

Tesco currently operates in the UK, Europe, India and Asia as well as the US. Tesco is trying to break into the American marked with the brand ‘Fresh & Easy’. Tesco’s international success is helping them achieve their goals in the UK. And all the figures are to the right.


To put our responsibilities to the communities serve at the heart of what we do

Tesco is trying to reduce its effects on the environment by trying to reduce its carbon footprint; also it wants to take responsibility for the ethical issues surrounding it to please the customers, such as fair-trade products and free range chickens. Tesco ha s recently radically improved its policy on the fishing methods it
will permit for its own-brand tuna.

To be a creator of highly valued brands

Tesco is Britain’s most valuable retail brand according to valuation consultancy report (may 2008). Intangible Business identifies Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer as the most valuable brand on the high street with Sainsbury’s second. This shows Tesco is achieving its aim “to be the creator of highly valued brands” Both Finest and Value now sell more than £1bn each year.



To be as strong in everything we sell as we are in food

Tesco is working towards its aim of being as strong in everything as they are in food. The 2011 annual business report shows how general merchandise, clothing and electricals (excluding health & beauty and household items has risen by 8.8% during the year to £10.3 billion.



To grow retail services in all our markets

Tesco has many other areas of operation than just food, for example you have Tesco bank, mobile and even gold. Over the year Tesco Mobile grow its customer numbers by 25% in 2010, and this continued into 2011 as at Christmas they signed up their 2.5 millionth customers.


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