Tescos method of promotion

by Ben Alford


Tesco will have to promote new products in order to let the customer know that they are on offer. As a large business Tesco will use lots of marketing strategies in order to gain custom. Furthermore Tesco would have a multimillion £ budget to advertise their services and products.  Promotion helps Tesco achieve its aim to grow retail services in all our markets. An effective advertising and marketing campaign will help Tesco achieve this aim. Tesco have recently launched the 3rd phase of the big price drop in a new price war against the 3 leading supermarkets as Tesco market share took a slight fall. The concept behind the campaign is consumer’s votes to decide which products to cut prices on. This is in an effort gain more customers, and is looking like to be a very successful promotion campaign alongside the long running promotion campaign of ‘every little helps’.


Source for 4p’s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesco

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