What Is Tesco’s Product

by Ben Alford


When Tesco launch a new product or service they will ask themselves questions similar to these. It is important for products they launch they have assessed the target market and conducted some market research both primary and secondary. Also Tesco will have to look into what the product offers their customers as they aim to be a creator of highly valued brands, so when creating a new brand they want to make sure it’s of good quality and has something to offer the customer.

In the effort to avoid Tesco as a business going into decline, Tesco have been launching new products and service to branch out into new markets and not get left behind. Tesco have expanded into the car market setting up a website selling cars. They are trying to keep the business expanding and avoiding stagnation, Tesco cars is exploiting marketing opportunities and offering a new service. Tesco has launched Your Beauty Salon In February 2011; Tesco launched Your Beauty Salon, in Tesco stores are planning to open 70 over the next year, offering services like haircuts, leg waxing, manicures and eyebrow treatment. Also Tesco has launched Gold Exchange In 2011, Tesco launched Tesco Gold Exchange, which is a postal gold service, offering money for gold, as well as offering Clubcard points to customers via their website.

Tesco have developed the own range of products called Tesco own brand. There are several different quality levels of their own brand products from Tesco value to Tesco finest.


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