How successful is Tesco as a business?

by Ben Alford

How successful is Tesco as a business?

Tesco as a business has been successful over the last few years. It seems the economic environment has not effect Tesco in the same way it has affected other businesses. The evidence for this is that Tesco is the UK’s leading supermarket at holds a 30.5% market share for groceries in the UK dominating the market with its range of stores. In 2009 Tesco’s market share was 30.6% and in 2010 was 30.7%. This shows over the last 3 years Tesco’s market share has remained relatively consistant despite the hard economic times and growth of competition such as Aldi.

In 2011 Tesco announced recorded profit of £3.8bn up from 2010’s £3.4bn and 2009’s £3bn this evidence further backs up my point that Tesco is a successful business improving profit each year despite the tough and challenging economic times with the UK just coming out of a recession .

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