Tesco club card

by Ben Alford

1st Club card

Tesco has one of the most advanced secondary research systems in consumer understanding with its Clubcard. It allows Tesco to see what sort of products each individual customer shopping profile, if they keep missing off essentials it is likely the customer is going elsewhere to buy that product, so Tesco can aim a promotion to that specific customer to make them buy that essential item.  The Clubcard has helped Tesco’s marketing by allowing these tailored marketing campaigns to individual consumers and target groups. It has also helped to build loyalty with is a points system where you get 1 point for every £1 you spend. These points can be exchanged for vouchers that can be spent in store or ion Tesco petrol stations. In order to keep the Clubcard from fading out Tesco have made a free Wi-Fi service available in more than 200 Tesco Extra stores around the country. The service, powered by O2 Wi-Fi hotspots, allows Tesco Clubcard holders to log on using their Clubcard number for unlimited service. This will increase the number of people who want one and therefore provide Tesco with more information. The Clubcard currently has active membership of over 15 million customers making it the most used loyally card in the UK with over 20 % if the population owning one. Tesco value consumer information enough to but a company that specialises in market research. At the start of the year Tesco bought the final 10% of the shares in a customer insight company called dunnhumby. This works in conjunction with the information obtained from the Clubcard to allow Tesco to really understand their customers. This will help them to achieve several of their aims and objectives such as “To grow the UK core” and also “To grow retail services in all our markets”. This will also allow Tesco to achieve its profit and market share objectives because of effective marketing thanks to the Club card



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