Subhas Chandra Bose

by Ben Alford

Chandra Bose was in opposition of Gandhi’s non-violent satyagraha campaigns and resigned from Congress in 1939. He created the Forward Bloc, which used militant methods to gain independence.

• When the Second World war broke out Chandra Bose supported the Axis, however this lead to arrested by the British. He escaped to Nazi Germany and then he sailed to Singapore, where the Japanese helped him to recruit Indian prisoners of war to form the Indian National Army.

• Bose and 20,000 Indians volunteered to fight with the Japanese and attempt to invade India from Burma.

• In 1943 Chandra Bose formed the Provisional Government of Free India,he was later killed in a plane crash in Taiwan in 1945.

• Support for the The Indian National Army was few and far between, however Congress members were furious when its leaders were put on trial for treason and sentenced to life imprisonment.


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