Gandhi after the Second World War

by Ben Alford

Soon after the Second World War Gandhi’s lost some of his influence in Congress, as it became clear that back in Britain Labour Government wanted India to be independent quickly and that partition was inevitable.

• Gandhi didn’t agree with the partition and he wanted a united India where all religions were equal. He even went as far to suggested Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League should possibly become the prime minister of India if that would stop India being partitioned.

• When Gandhi’s Direct Action campaign led to violence in early August 1946, Gandhi tried to restore peace by visiting the worst effected areas, meeting some of the Muslim leaders and fasting.

• On the 15th of August, named Independence Day, Gandhi was in Calcutta one of the worst areas of violence. He acted as a ‘one man boundary force’ attempting to keeping Hindus and Muslims apart.

January 1948 Gandhi was tragically murdered by an extremist Hindu, Nathuram Godse.


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