How did the Second World War change the political situation in India?

by Ben Alford

Until 1939 Congress was the dominant force in Indian politics. In 1937 it won a transparent success within the elections after the government of India Act of 1935.


• The Muslim League was a comparatively minor organisation. The war gave the League its 1st chance to win the backing of UK for a separate Muslim state, dubbed Pakistan.

• The Muslim League grew in size. And by 1945 it had around 2,000,000+ members.

• These changes created the Muslim League far more necessary. In provincial elections in 1945 it won ninetieth of the Muslim seats.

• throughout the war the Indian Army remained loyal to a people and plenty of class Indians supported a people against the japanese, however once the war all over there was less support for Great Britain

• beneath Japanese rule, a Nationalist movements had begun in several areas of South East Asia, troops returning to India brought these ideas back with them..


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