Congress in the late 1930s

by Ben Alford

Congress in the late 1930s

• Between the years 1931 and 193 5, Nehru spent a lot of his time in prison for disobeying orders preventing him from attending Congress conferences. He then decided to leave India for a trip to Europe with his wife who was very seriously ill.

• Nehru returned to India in 1937 to lead a campaign at the first elections for the new parliament after the second Government of India Act. Nehru insisted that Congress should take part in the elections, but after to refuse to take part in the assemblies.

• During the 1937 elections, the first after the Government of India Act, Congress won a total of 715 seats, out of a possible of 1,585. This turned out to be a massive victory as 938 seats were taken for minority interests.

• Congress gained power in eight states, but only after an admission that there would be no interference from state governors. Nehru decided to opposed the decision to take office, however he accepted it in the end. When the first Indian parliament met in 1937, Gandhi was replaced as its leader of Congress by Jawaharlal Nehru.


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