by Ben Alford

Time line of key events in Mahatma Gandhi’s life, and key turning points in his quest for home rule.

1869 – 2 October. Gandhi born at Porbandar.

1883 – Married to Kasturba.

1887 – Leaves India for England. Commences legal studies

1893 – Arrives in South Africa.

1899 – Boer War. Forms volunteer ambulance brigade for British Army.

1908 – Gaoled for first time for promoting rights of Indians in South Africa.

1915 – Returns to India.

1919 – Amritsar massacre.

1921 – Arrested and tried. Sentenced to six years imprisonment for sedition.

1924 – Appendix removed. Released from prison. Fasts for three weeks for Hindu-Muslim unity following riots in North West Frontier Province.

1928 – Boycotts Simon Commission investigating government of India.

1930 – Salt March to Dandi. Inaugurates mass civil disobedience campaign. Picket of Dharshana Salt Works. Suppressed by Government police and troops.

1931 – Negotiations with Viceroy, Lord Irwin, end civil disobedience. Comes to London for Second Round Table Conference on Indian Constitutional reform.

1932 – Fasts on behalf of the Untouchables.

1934 – Withdraws from Indian National Congress to concentrate on rural reform.

1936 – Settles in ashram at Sevagram.

1942 – Leads “Quit India” movement against the British. Imprisoned for last time.

1944 – Death of Kasturba Gandhi. Negotiations with Jinnah over Pakistan.

1947 – Ends communal rioting in Calcutta during transition to Independence.

1948 – Last fast in Delhi. Assassinated by Hindu extremist.


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