by Ben Alford

ACCESS FM stands for a list of words which you can use to help design a product and make a specification from, simply write about each word that is listed bellow. Many people use this to do evaluations and compare there product against, however it can also be used in the development stage and to help write a specification, again all you do is write for each word how you would like your product to compare. E.g aesthetics how you would like it to look.

A – Aesthetics (appearance)
C – Cost (price range)
C – Customer (who wants to buy it)
E – Environment (where it is used and how eco-friendly it is)
S – Safety (how safe it is)
S – Size (how big it is)
F – Function (what job it does)
M – Materials (what materials would you need to make it)

Sometimes, there can be another M that stands for manufacture.
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