Person specification example

by Ben Alford

We aim, as a school, to provide the best learning experience in every subject area, which means that we have to have best teachers with specialist characteristics in the subject area to keep up the high standard of education.

We want our staff to have Qualified Teacher Status (with certificate, as well as other qualifications) and evidence of commitment to further professional development, a counselling qualification would be desirable.   We want our teachers to have wide experience of teaching at Key Stage 3 and across the whole Secondary age range.

Experience of

  1. Leading and managing the work of others.
  2. Developing and implementing effective pastoral care and behaviour management of pupils
  3. Current successful teaching experience.
  4. In depth knowledge of  relevant pastoral structures
  5. Understanding of successful strategies for meeting the needs of all pupils.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to prioritise and work under pressure.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to manage potential conflict situations with sensitivity and understanding.
  8. Willingness to contribute to the success of the school.
  9. Good energy and enthusiasm.

Professional knowledge

Personal Qualities

Professional skills

Can demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Lead a team to achieve targeted goals.
  2. Run effective staff training.
  3. Clearly communicate to a range of different audiences.
  4. Display high quality teaching strategies.
  5.  Support and motivate both colleagues and pupils.
  6. Relate and positively show respect to people to all members of school and wider community especially parents.
  7. Contribute effectively to the work of the senior leadership team.
  8. Deal successfully with situations that may include conflict resolution.
  9. Be computer literate.


Demonstrate a commitment to:

  1. Education for equality.
  2. Promoting the school’s ethos and aims.
  3. Outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda.
  4. Professional self-development.
  5.  Possible promotion
  6. Relates positively towards and shows equal respect to all members of the school, parents, and the wider community

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