Useful Education Apps

by Ben Alford

In the modern age, students are tending to move away from text and exercise books. Instead students are using laptops, tablets and smart phones. So we decided to talk about some of the best applications you can get for on the move.


1) Drop Box –

Drop box is a web based service that allows you to store files in a ‘cloud’. in other words allows you to upload/back up your files to space allocated to you online. How is this a good app? Well it means you can access your work from any computer or on your tablet/smartphone, if you have the app which is free and the service its self is mainly free. This means you can do work on the move and save it.


2) Sketchbook App –

This is a great app for the art students and also good for writing memos. I would not suggest for one minute that you trade this app for an actual sketchbook and pencil. However this app is great for maybe sketching on the bus or train.


3) Apple Apps

Apple Provides fantastic word processing apps such as pages. Pages is Apple’s alternative to Microsoft Word, and pages app is worth the £6.99. Apple also offers Keynote and numbers both of which are very good and worth every penny.

There are many apps out there, and most are down to personal taste. So look around and please comment with any apps you as students think are great or terrible!


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