Top Tips to save money at uni

by Ben Alford

Budgeting – 

It may seem boring but at uni you are on a budget. This maybe your student loan and or money from parents, either way you need to work out how much money you

each week once you have allowed for things like:

  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Any direct debits
  • Rent

Once you know how much you have left week, you can budget for food and living expenses and maybe even for a night out  or a bit of shopping.

Getting a job – 

Getting a job while at uni could provide you with a little more cash on the side, to help make life easier but remember you are there to study. Whats the point in working all the time and not getting the grades you want at the end of the year. so maybe taken on a part time job for weekends only.

Student Cards – 

Student cards are a great way to save some money over the year. Student Cards provide discounted rates on many service, and in most shops.

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