Nazi Germany A Very Simple Overview

by Ben Alford

—1933-34 Gleichschaltung
—Co-ordination of all aspects of society and state to conform with Nazi ideology and Hitler’s Weltanschauung. Germany transformed to achieve the Nazi ‘Volksgemeinschaft’
1934-38 Dual State
—Nazi Germany is simultaneously run by the conservative pre-1933 institutions of government, and the Nazi Party. State policy is increasingly radicalised, and the influence of conservatives wanes, e.g. Schacht, Blomberg.
—1939-45 War Years
—Foreign, economic and racial policy is radicalised to the extreme, e.g. ‘Final Solution’. Some of Hitler’s lieutenants develop personal ‘empires’, e.g. Himmler and the SS. From 1942, Germany is gradually defeated and is eventually destroyed as a nation.

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