Tesco’s Aims and Objectives

by Ben Alford



Tesco’s aims

What is an Aim?  A business aim a long term goal set by a business, there is no specific time period.

  1. To grow the UK core
  2. To be an outstanding international retailer in stores and online
  3. To be as strong in everything we sell as we are in food
  4. To grow retail services in all our markets
  5. To put our responsibilities to the communities serve at the heart of what we do
  6. To be a creator of highly valued brands
  7. To build our team so that we create more value

Tesco’s Aims explained 

  1. Tesco wish to expand on the number of stores in the UK, also the number of services they provide in the UK
  2. Tesco aims to increase the number of stores in the other countries in which they operate, in their stores and also improve their online services
  3. Tesco aims to improve on the services they provide as well as the vast product range other than groceries such as Electrical goods. They aim to be as successful in everything as they are in food retail
  4. Tesco provides many services from mobile networks, to banking to insurance. Tesco wants to grow the service in which it provides in markets they already occupy.
  5. Tesco aims to try and improve how it effects the environment by trying to reduce its carbon footprint; also it wants to take responsibility for the ethical issues surrounding it to please the customers, such as fair-trade products and free range chickens.
  6. Tesco aims to create brands that customer’s value such as Tesco value and Tesco finest. However there are May Tesco brands, such as their clothes brand F&F.
  7. Tesco aims to build the best teams possible to provide the best service they can. The teams are the face of the shop, the people who the customers interact with so by building the best possible team Tesco can improve their services.

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